Engine Overhaul & Repair

Engine overhauls are much more than the overhaul itself.

Whether it is a piston or turbine engine overhaul the actual overhaul of the engine is just a part of the process. Correct decisions regarding where to send the engine, what components to replace in conjunction with the overhaul, and the proper installation and rigging of the overhauled engine are critical to the projects success.

Our experience with most types of overhauls allows us to work with our customers to develop strategies and timelines that insure the work is completed by qualified vendors and meets customer’s schedules. Our goal is to minimize unforeseen issues with the removal, overhaul and installation of your engine and to reduce aircraft downtime.

  • Overhaul Planning and Evaluation
  • Engine Removal and Inspection
  • Airframe Inspection and Evaluation
  • Engine Crating and Shipment
  • Engine Receiving and Inspection
  • Installation of New or Overhauled Components
  • Airframe Preparation
  • Engine Installation and Rigging
  • Pre-Flight Inspection
  • Test Flight
  • Final Inspection
  • Aircraft Delivery


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