Annual Inspections

Annual inspections of your aircraft insure safety and reliability.

Aircraft maintenance pertains to the preservation, inspection, overhaul and repair of aircraft. A properly maintained aircraft is a safe aircraft. Although influenced by operation, climatic conditions, storage facilities, age and construction, experience shows that most aircraft need some type of preventative maintenance every 25 hours and minor maintenance every 100 hours. Any reciprocating-engine powered or single -engine turbojet/turbo propeller powered small  ( 12,500 lbs or under  ) aircraft is required to be inspected at least annually by an FAA certified A&P mechanic holding and inspection authorization, a certified repair station or the manufacturer of the aircraft. Dallas Executive Aircraft Service provides annual and 100 hour inspections for most makes and models of aircraft. There are many steps and procedures associated with an annual inspection and these vary by the type of aircraft inspected, but in all cases, the function of the annual inspection is to make determinations regarding the airworthiness of the aircraft and to inform the aircraft owner of issues affecting the safety and/or reliability of his or her aircraft. We take great pains to carefully inspect each aircraft entrusted to our care in order to identify areas of concern then work with each customer to develop a plan for correcting those problems. No one likes surprises when it comes to maintenance costs. We understand that our clients are looking for maintenance partners that do what they say they will do at the agreed price. Working with Dallas Executive Aircraft Services on your next annual inspection insures that you will be treated fairly and always with the courtesy of keeping you informed during the inspection process.

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