Long-term Business Relationships

Dallas Executive Aircraft Services values the relationships we develop with our customers, our vendors and our employees. Our objective is to work as a team with the common goal of providing aircraft maintenance that insures the safety of our clients as well the safety of their passengers. By focusing on aircraft safety we also preserve the performance of the aircraft our customers rely on to stay ahead of the competition. We embrace the role we play in each customer’s success.

Principled Service at a Fair Price

There are few endeavors that test character more than the aviation maintenance industry. The work we perform reflects the value we place on the well being of our customers, our employees, our vendors and our investors.

Our mission is to provide aircraft maintenance services to the general aviation community in a manner that reflects the highest standards of business ethics, workmanship and service to our communities. We will always do our best to keep the commitments we make and to insist on the same from those we do business with.

Management Team

  • Chad Shaver
    Chad has more than 19 years of experience working with various aircraft. He...
  • Kristin Shaver
    Shortly after meeting Chad in 2011, Kristin joined the Dallas Executive Aircraft Service...